Serum VEGF
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Serum VEGF
Plant Derived Growth Factor Solution

Safe, plant derived sh-VEGF growth factor serum.

reduces hair loss and promotes existing hair growth. Irritation-free formula for daily use.

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Patent Pending Technology

Growth factors are a cutting edge technology, pioneered by Nanogen for treating thinning hair.

The Natural Solution for Hair Loss

VEGF is a growth factor like the ones humans produce naturally. VEGF maintains hair growth and ensures nutrients and oxygen reach the hair, allowing it to grow. It also acts against the factors that cause hair to fall, maintaining hair growth.

Complete Approach

Complex actives protect the hair from damage and further help reduce hair loss. Other nourishing and repairing ingredients also work to maintain a healthy scalp and ensure a stable, healthy platform for hair growth.

Irritation Free

The unique water based serum contains no ethanol or propylene glycol, unlike many other treatment products. It causes no drying or irritation and so is comfortable for continued use every day.