Scalproller 0.3
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Scalproller 0.3
Microneedle Roller 150mm x 40mm x 42.5mm incl container

Easy to apply, discreet and lasts all day.
Safely blends scalp and hair colour together to conceal areas of thinning hair, scars, and wide partings.and designed to be used with Nanofibres for the perfect look

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Nanogen s Scalproller is the first specially designed roller to help treat thinning hair. With unique titanium needles to precisely penetrate the skin with minimal irritation. Scalproller pre-treatment dramatically improves the effects of any topical treatment.

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Titanium Composition

Most dermatological rollers are designed for use on facial skin and are made from stainless steel, which can blunt easily with daily use on the tougher scalp skin.
Nanogen Scalproller microneedles are engineered in Sweden from pure Titanium giving a finer and much more durable edge, eliminating excess irritation caused by ordinary steel needles.
Furthermore each individual Scalproller microneedle is Gold plated to maintain sterility.

Optimum Microneedle Length

Studies indicate Scalproller needles need to penetrate the upper layer of skin for best results. The Scalproller has a variety of needle lengths for optimum results without appreciable pain or injury.
The genuine Scalproller by Nanogen is available in 2 home versions for home use. At first, a 0.3mm version is recommended for patients without a professional consultation. A 0.5mm home version is available for patients after having used the 0.3mm or after consultation with a medical professional.
Since longer needles can cause pain if not used by experts accompanied by topical anaesthetic creams, the Scalproller is also available in 1 & 2mm needle lengths for clinical use only.
The 0.3mm & 0.5mm for home use are already in stock, 1 & 2mm clinical use versions will be in stock shortly.

Nanogen Scalproller is the specially designed microneedle roller to produce optimum results without appreciable pain or injury.

No pain, No injury

The home use versions of Nanogen Scalproller are specifically designed to penetrate deep enough to be very effective, and yet not deep enough to touch nerves and cause appreciable pain.
When used according to the directions, the ultra-sharp titanium needles will penetrate the upper layers of skin without causing bleeding or permanent injury.

Daily Use

At first, Scalproller users are advised to only roll the Scalproller once in one direction over each area, following the direction of hair growth. This ensures the amount of penetration is controlled and any tangling of the roller in longer hair is avoided. However, with experience rolling in multiple directions may be preferred by the individual user.

Suitable for Men & Women

Nanogen Scalproller is ideal for men and women as it is designed especially for hair loss, and to improve the penetration of topical hair growth products . It works perfectly with both Minoxidil (Regaine) and Nanogaine, both of which are also suitable for treating male and female hair loss.

How To Use Nanogen Scalproller

For best results cleanse the scalp, removing oil, dirt, sebum & flakes using Hair Prepare!". Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry.
Sterilise the Scalproller with the sterilising solution, and allow the solution to evaporate until dry
At first, use a constant, gentle rolling motion in one direction once over each area, from the crown toward the front or the sides. Rolling in one direction produces a controlled amount of penetration and avoids tangling the roller in longer hair. With experience, individual users may prefer to roll in multiple directions.
Apply a topical solution like Serum VEGF!" or Minoxidil as per the product instructions, then gently massage into the scalp. When using once a day, use the roller at night as many topical solutions require time to absorb fully.
Ensure the roller is cleansed thoroughly after each use, run under hot water and allow to dry before returning it to the case. Always allow the roller to cool before using.

Scalproller will increase the penetration of any growth treatment, including Serum VEGF!".
Increasing the absorption of these powerful treatments can dramatically increase their effects, and consequently your hair growth.