Scalp Ease MDL
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Scalp Ease MDL
Regrowth Treatment Companion

Hydrates hair and soothes the scalp.

Helps alleviate the straw-like hair, dryness and irritation common with propylene glycol or alcohol based treatments.
Instant calming effect. Deep penetrating conditioners give long lasting volume an

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Scalproller 0.5
Soothes Scalp after Treatment®

Soothing complex reduces redness and itching after alcohol or propylene glycol based treatments. The calm, soothed feeling lasts as the actives repair the dry and damaged scalp, creating a healthy environment for hair growth whilst preventing irritation and itching.

Stops Glycol and Alcohol Dryness

High concentrations of humectants and light conditioners repair both the scalp and hair. This restores the natural shine, and soft, smooth feel of even straw like hair dried out by alcohol or glycol based treatments.

Instant Anti-Irritation & Hydration

As soon as the spray reaches the skin it creates a gentle cooling feeling, whilst calming ingredients start to work immediately for instant relief.

Nanogen sh-VEGF ComplexT

The safe, plant derived growth factors in Nanogen sh-VEGF Complex support any treatment regime. The growth factors act to help reduce hair loss, and maintain healthy hair and scalp condition. Scalp Ease MDL also contains actives to support wound healing and maintain a healthy scalp.