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Nanogen For Women

Thinning hair is traditionally thought of as a male condtion, however this is not accurate as it is common is women as well. Up to 40% of women have noticeable thinning hair by the age of 50.

There are many forms of hair loss, called Alopecia by experts, which are not uncommon in women even in their twenties.

Losing hair can be distressing, and you can feel very alone and isolated. This is particularly true for women. The good news is female response to treatment and maintenance programmes is much greater than that of Men and therefore no-one ever need know about your concern. Nanogen are here to help. Read our Hair Loss Information section if you would like more information about the causes of hair loss. Or let one of our two Guides below take you through some of the options avaialble, simply click on the one most relevant for you to get started.

Michelle, Age: 29 Concern: My hair started thinning when I was pregnant, and worsened immediately afterwards.
Janice, Age: 45 Concern: I started noticing my parting thinning gradually when the menopause began.
Merry, Age: 50 Concern: I've had typical male pattern hair loss for nearly 20 years, and have tried most things including a hair transplant. I've now got a programme that I'm comfortable with, and works to maintain the hair I have.