Hair Transplant

India is fast becoming the preferable place to perform hair transplantation; this has increased medical tourism to the country. The reason being is that, hair transplant surgeons have refined their techniques and offer much more for much less.

The procedure includes either; taking a strip of hair from the donor area and then implanting individual hair harvested from this graft, or to pluck individual hair from the donor area and plant them into the scalp to create more density.

Where the person is suffering from a large area of baldness 3000 to 4000 grafts may be required, this is still quite expensive due to the fact that the charge of the operation is between Rs 50 to Rs75 per graft. Thereafter this procedure may not give the perfectly full head of hair and the thinning is sometimes clearly visible. Some doctors will recommend a second or third hair transplant procedure to achieve the thickness or density of natural looking hair.

This is big business and some doctors are performing 2 to 3 operations a day, with waiting lists of up to 3 to 6 months.

The ethical argument is, does the doctor give good and impartial advice to the patient, offering clearly all of the options available to the patient sitting before them.

Some doctors view the Nanofibres as a threat to their business because, the patient could easily achieve the density with the fibres and cover any visible balding immediately. Or the patient could have one operation and once the hair is in place, they could use the fibres to gain thickness and therefore not have to have as many grafts, and not have to visit again for another procedure.

For many Indian patients the cost factor is very important, only very genuine Doctors will say you do not require the operation right now and Nanofibres will give you what you want a full head of hair for much less. Or inform them that the fibres can be safely used even post operation to help achieve the desired result of thickness immediately.

Nanogen nanofibres are being recommended by Hair transplant Doctors all over UK and Europe and the media even coined the expression "the thirty second hair transplant"

Hair Transplantation is a surgical procedure that involves rooting hair follicles. It primarily implants skin containing hair follicles that are genetically resistant to balding on to bald scalp. Moreover, Hair Loss Treatment India is also used to restore eyelashes, brows and beard hair as well as to fill in scars caused by any event. Hair transplantation is one of the proven and safe techniques to replace the hair you have lost, with natural growing hair.

Nanogen is recognized as one of the top leaders in the field of Hair Loss Treatments, with unsurpassed care and the most natural results to patients from throughout the world. It is Europe's most popular Hair Camouflage provider!

Few Steps to a Result-orientedHair Treatment India

Get knowledge about the successful Hair Transplant Procedure.

Do you know, when done properly, hair transplant can restore a full and natural hair look in just one session?

1. Consult with Leading Hair Transplant Specialists.

Taking a guidance form an expert is very important. Consult with an experienced trichologist or hair transplant surgeon before taking any decision regarding your hair.

2. Research and then choose an expert Hair Transplant Surgeon.

The skill, talent, as well as experience of hair transplant surgeons vary widely, and so do their results. Hence, it is significant that you choose your physician carefully, as your results will depend on him.

While hair transplant surgery is certainly a medical procedure, it is also an art and so many surgeons are proficient both technically as well as artistically. They sketch for you a look that takes into account your hair type, hair loss pattern, your age, your lifestyle, etc.

Here at Nanogen, we understand that in order to make the correct decision about your hair, you need to have knowledge of all the facts. That's why we take time to decipher your requirement and offer right solution to you.