Hair Prepare
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Hair Prepare
Deep Cleansing Shampoo

A powerful yet gentle cleansing shampoo

Leaves your hair and scalp feeling fresh, healthy
and perfectly prepared for the next step of the Nanogen protocol.

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Daily Volume
Optimises the effect of Nanofibres®

Using patent pending electrostatic technology, Hair Prepare leaves the perfect charge on the hair for Nanofibres to bind to, improving the binding and hair thickening results from Nanofibres.

Triple Anti-Dandruff Action

Three anti-dandruff ingredients work to reduce flakes whilst the formula soothes and moistures the scalp, for comfortable fresh feeling skin.

Invigorating Cooling Effect

Gentle exfoliants and cleansers remove flakes, oil and any concealing products to leave your hair and skin clean, while actives cool and refresh your scalp. The gentle exfoliation will also help any treatment penetrate better, giving better results from topical treatments.