Daily Volume
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Daily Volume
Gentle Cleansing Shampoo

A powerful yet gentle cleansing shampoo. Leaves your hair and scalp feeling fresh, healthy
and perfectly prepared for the next step of the Nanogen protocol.

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Nanogen Nanofibres (30 Gms)
Optimises the effect of Nanofibres®

Unlike other conditioners, Daily Volume uses patent pending electrostatic technology. This creates the perfect charge on the hair for Nanofibres to bind to, improving the binding and hair thickening results from Nanofibres.

Creates Lasting Volume and Shine

Unique thickening and moisturising actives penetrate and nourish the hair, giving thicker and healthier hair from within. Especially designed for regular use, the hair thickening ingredients do not build up on the outside of your hair over time. This creates light and natural thickening without heaviness, and also allows treatments to penetrate the skin and hair efficiently.

Deep Hair Nourishing Effect

As an Active Conditioner, Daily Volume does not coat the hair to make it smooth. It penetrates deep into the hair, delivering moisturising and thickening actives but also essential vitamins and amino acids. This creates strong, healthy hair from within.